New Cancer Treatment Methods

There are many different types of cancer, which means that there are many different methods of treating cancer. This article will focus o­n the more severe type of cancer, malignant cancers. A malignant cancer is a cancer that can spread throughout the body if not treated. There are several ways to treat malignant cancers.

Almost all cancer patients will receive surgery. The purpose of this surgery is to remove large portions of the cancerous cells, and to explore the surrounding area. After surgery, the doctor will have several treatment options. These options include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and biotherapy.

Chemotherapy is the process of using drugs to kill remaining cancer cells. These drugs are given in the form of a pill or an IV. Chemotherapy drugs will target cells that reproduce rapidly, which is a trait of cancerous cells. The drawback of this treatment is that other cells in the human body also reproduce rapidly. Dosages of chemotherapy drugs must be calculated exactly in order to minimize damage to non-cancerous cells.

Radiation therapy uses high energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. Energy, in the form of a laser or beam, is directed at the cancerous cells and causes them to shrink by damaging DNA. The side effect of radiation therapy is that the energy is very difficult to localize, and can effect healthy cells surrounding the cancer.

Biotherapy is similar to chemotherapy in that it requires the patient to put drugs into his or her body. The drugs will attack specific qualities of the cancerous cells and will attempt to block the cells from growing. Biotherapy also shuts down the transportation of nutrients that the cancerous cells need to survive.

Cancer is a serious disease and should be treated by a professional. Technology has improved tremendously over the past few decades and provides patients with treatment options that give them the best chance of recovery.