New HIV - Aids Treatment Methods

For many years society tried to brush diseases such as Hepatitis and HIV-AIDS under the rug, and o­nly until recently the scope of these diseases has been understood and the reality of how threatening they can be is setting in. It has long been thought there would be no cure for diseases such as HIV-AIDS and that treatments would o­nly ease the patient into death. Now we are o­n the brink of major technological discoveries that might make disease a thing of the past.

The great minds at Energex Systems Inc. have designed a machine that they call the Hemo-Modulator which in laboratory tests has been proven to eradicate the HIV and Hepatitis viruses in a test subject's blood by up to ninety percent. Hepatitis and HIV are o­nly a few of the many different diseases this machine could possibly cure, making the Hemo-Modulator a multi-vaccination device. As of now the Hemo-Modulator has been tested o­n laboratory animals such as monkeys and mice and a handful of human subjects, and all trials had within a fifty to eighty percent success rate.

According to Energex Systems Inc. the Hemo-Modulator works by filtering a patient's blood through the device which blasts ultraviolet light o­nto the blood. The ultraviolet light effectively kills the virus and jump starts the patient's immune system. Preliminary tests show that the Hemo-Modulator might just be the next contender for the greatest invention of all time. We can o­nly wait to see if this technology is everything they say it is. The proof is always in the pudding.