Treatment of Serious Diseases

Milk Thistle
Alternative medicine is not often considered when someone faces a serious illness. This, by far, is a large mistake. Many alternative treatments offer people a chance to heal their body naturally and free from harmful side effects. While natural medicine may not be a cure all, o­ne must keep in mind that pharmaceutical medicine is not a cure all either.

Recent studies at the Maryland Hospital of Medicine have shown incredible results when treating people with liver disease using Milk Thistle. Milk Thistle is a flower commonly found around the world. It is a purple flower that many refer to as a nuisance weed. The seeds of the Milk thistle carry a powerful enzyme that has shown remarkable curative powers o­n the liver.

Milk thistle will cleanse and repair the liver. Doctors treated people with cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver damage from medicines. To their surprise, most patients started to show signs of liver repair. They, in their own words, stated that no medicine has had this drastic of an effect of liver problems like the milk thistle. The dosage they used was o­nly 500ml and purchased from a local health food store.

Many other herbs and vitamins can be used to treat serious illnesses. The use of probiotics to enhance healing in colon cancer patients is showing many positive results. Melatonin supplements provide better sleep results for those with insomnia than prescribed medicine, and do not have any side effects. The list is endless of natural medicines that can heal and cure even the most seriousness of illnesses.